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Tasha has been through the testing times of life unfolding in the dilemma of drug abuse, molestation, teenage pregnancy, and promiscuity. Well, these are things of the past because she overcame and with God’s help she has triumphed to become a professional stylist, author, motivational speaker, wife and mother.


Another profound achievement is being the Season 6 BET Sunday Best winner and making history while doing so. She has won the most votes for any Sunday Best Winner. Over 1.2 million votes just in case you forgot. There is no wonder why Tasha Page Lockhart is one of the leading faces in gospel music today.


Her latest offering, ‘The Beautiful Project’ is everything we need for such a time as this. It’s thought-provoking and a piece of art. So when I got the opportunity to talk to the Sunday Best champ I was pumped! Surely Tasha did not disappoint, as she was transparent and humble.


Chavon Panton (CP): Hello Tasha, how are you?


Tasha Page Lockhart (TPL): Hey! I am doing great!


CP: So, let us get right into it! Tasha, The Beautiful Project is the title of your second album. Why is it a beautiful project?


TPL: You know, it’s just an amazing body of work that God has blessed us with. It really speaks to the process to deliverance and overcoming and life after that. You know, a lot of people in church is really good in getting people saved and delivered, but we don’t help them stay saved or stay delivered. Seemingly there is no real plan for discipleship in some instances. The Beautiful Project speaks to these type of issues. I want people to know that after overcoming the test and trials that  God still calls us beautiful because we are his project and his instruments.


CP: Well said Tasha. But why should we get the Project?


TPL: First of all you should get it because it’s just amazing! (Laugh out loud). It is uplifting and it will bring hope back to people who are hurting. The Project is packaged in a different way to let people know that Jesus is still the answer. From the beat to the vocals and most importantly the message. It’s a new sound and s new approach to what has already been said.


CP: What is it like working with Kirk Franklyn?


TPL: He is really really fun. There is never a dull moment around him. I have learned so much from him and I am grateful.


CP: Now, how did you get your mother to collaborate with you on “Just What He Said he Would Do”. 


TPL: (Chuckles) I literally called her like two or three days before the actual recording of the song and was like Mom I am going into the studio and I want you to do all the background vocals to this song, and I’m going to pay you. She could not say no to that because she loves to shop.


CP: Out of the ten songs on the album, which song was the most challenging to record?


TPL: Ahhhhh…I think it was “Tears“. This song took me back to a place before accepting Christ. Dealing with homelessness, being raped, molested and all the nights I cried myself to sleep because of being unable to see my kids. But as I continued to record this song I really began to praise God because now I have a river of life flowing out of me and I am no longer crying over the past for I have the victory.


CP: I think I need a tissue, but we must go on. So, what has been your toughest obstacle since winning Bet Sunday’s Best?


TPL: This is honestly trying to convert the votes I gained while doing Sunday’s Best over to record sales. Even to get a fraction of that would be so great. I mean, it is evident that there is a lack of support in our industry. People say they love me and supported me in Sunday’s Best, but they are not purchasing the music. When the music is not purchased, it makes it hard for us in the industry to make demands to our music labels. They are going to tell me no because people are not supporting your music, so why invest are not going to continue to invest.


CP: Wow, so what keeps you going?


TPL: what keeps me going is I do this for the lord. I do this because I have a testimony and I know that it needs to be shared. At the end of the day I don’t do what I do for fame. So if I sell two records or two million records, I’m still going to do it.


CP: So many projects were released this year from your gospel colleagues. Which album is doing it for you right now?


TPL: You know what, I have been listening to Cheryl Fortune’s latest project Simply Cheryl from the other day and I love what she’s doing. It’s good to see her getting the recognition and the credit that she really deserves. So I’m really feeling her right now.


CP: Is Tasha a homebody or a socialite?


TPL: Huuuummm….I would say both. I travel a lot and I like to shoot pool. But I love being at home playing UNO with my family.


CP: What would you say to a teenage girl who feels like giving up on life due to the pressures of life?


TPL: You know what, our lives is really not our own. A lot of times people wants to be validated in their wrong doings and for people to show them grace. But a lot of times the things that happens to us is the things that we cause on ourselves. Nobody forced drugs down my throat, nobody forced me to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, nobody forced me to lay in bed with all these different strange men. I choose to do those things. But I do believe that if you trust God, he will blow your mind. You have the power to overcome.