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Chicago Helicopter Experience

When I decided, on a whim to head to Chicago, I began looking into the possibility of making a trip to the Chicago Helicopter Experience.

The Chicago’s Helicopter Experience which is one of the only FAA-certified helicopter tour and transportation company. Having never experienced a helicopter ride my expectations were high and quite naturally nervous. I was looking forward to flying over the most famous city sights including the Willis Tower, the Hancock building and Soldiers Field, as well as soaring along the breathtaking lakefront. I was desirous in taking in the majestical view of the Navy Pier, Buckingham Fountain, Lake Shore Drive, and the Magnificent Mile and I am happy to live to tell you about it.  Little known fact….

 Chicago Helicopter Experience has been a raging success since opening its doors in 2011. They seek to go above and beyond creating the most amazing experiences for all their guests. A big aim? Absolutely! To date, the Chicago Helicopter Experience has flown more than 60,000 amazing experiences above Chicago. The Experience

 To begin visiting the Chicago Helicopter Experience will make your brain slip into a deeply relaxing rhythm thanks to the attentive staff. Let’s take a ride with me. Arriving at the reception area, the front desk attendant checked me in and weighed me (my weight was only visible to her) and then invited other visitors and myself to relax in the lobby area where we could enjoy games like bags and giant Jenga. In this area, I was also able to watch others take off on their experience through the viewing windows. A few minutes later, a group of us were called into a smaller room where we were briefed on safety tips for a few minutes. Immediately, after the briefing, we were given one final opportunity to use the restrooms. What came next was quite overwhelming for me but also fun. It was time to walk towards the helipad. 

 Helicopters must have their weight properly balanced (thus the importance of weighing every passenger before boarding), each person on the helicopters were given a pre-assigned seat. I was given the right-back seat. In no time I was in the air. I must say that while flying over the city, I felt safe, as it was evident that the pilots were very competent. While in the air, our pilot provided some commentary, filling us in on the essential sights as he covered 24 miles of the Chicago skyline. I mostly stayed quiet, just enjoying the views while taking pictures. After a 35-minute flight, we descended into the Chicago Helicopter Experience/helipad and shut off the helicopter before helping passengers to disembark. 

 Yes, it is true; this is how you should be spending your time in Chicago. It is an experience of a lifetime. I promise you; it will be worth it. Check out rates, opening hours and other fun facts about the Chicago Helicopter Experience by clicking here

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