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90s Baby Vibe!


Taking pictures is a vibe for me, and as I was in the City of Reno, Nevada, I could not help myself. Yes, sometimes the best sartorial inspiration indeed comes from the aesthetic of our surroundings. As Le 21ème posits,
“it’s a portal into the lives of others.”

From the eclectic streets of Reno comes deep artistic inspiration – and as I drove along the highways and the byways of the city, I could see why this city is called the biggest little city in the world. From its signature landscapes to the calmness of its people, Reno has all the right factors that make it an incredible place to dwell and to do a photoshoot (wide grin).

After a few days in Reno, the vibe of the space became more and more infectious to me. On the second day of my visit to Reno, I decided to journey deep into Valley to capture some moments. Before making this spontaneous decision, I sorted through several outfits that I had packed for the trip and all that was running through my mind was white. Thankfully I brought with me pieces that were fitting to my idea of shooting in a deserted space. Now, I am not an all-white lover but when the idea popped up in my deep subconsciousness, I knew I had to make it a reality. So take a look!