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To Mr & Mrs Tanel Panton

From Best Man: Chavon Panton


I remember when my brother and I were in our early teenage years; we would always have conversations about who would get married first. For some odd reason, it felt like it was going to be me. Well, it turned out that it was him, and it was really one of the greatest days of my life – and I am not just saying this because I was his Best Man.


Though Shakeyva Fitzgerald and Tanel Panton met and started dating (under the quite) in New York, the couple seemed destined to have a destination wedding. Jamaica topped the shortlisted destinations, which also included Barbados, Mexico to name a few. During the dating and engagement period, the pair had to deal with years of long distance relationship and they did it well. Evidently, it worked! Today, they are celebrating one year of marriage and I couldn’t be happier. July 8, 2018, was when the two officially said: “I do.”


To show off the best of the northern Jamaica coast, the couple threw a wedding weekend complete with an all-inclusive experience. Guest stayed at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa, joined in-group games, a boat ride and dined on popular dishes from hits like the El Agave Restaurant and the Bhogali Restaurant. The bride collaborated with her groom, an interior designer, as well as the planning team at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa to ensure that the separate festivities felt like one big celebration.


Thereafter, it was time for the main event, which took place on Sunday afternoon at the Angels Atrium. The over fifty guest, the groom, and his groom’s men sat and stood patiently for the bride and her bridesmaids to arrive and it was worth the wait. It was time. Tanel took the mic and started singing as the bride’s father escorted his wife to be to the altar where he was standing. She walked gracefully as she carried a bouquet of garden roses, orchids, brush ivy, ranunculus, and freesia. It was an incredible moment and I saw my brother cried openly for the first time during his song. The ceremony was spectacular, no one objected and both said “I Do”, and then jumped the broom.


After the ceremony, guests grabbed glasses of Champagne and raised a toast to the now Mr. and Mrs. Panton. An entertaining reception followed after, which included Shakeyva changing into her reception dress, hilarious toasts and a group dance by the groom and groomsmen.


Tanel and Shakeyva, I love you! Your union will forever be blessed. My mom only had two boys, you are the girl, now a woman that was missing from the puzzle. Brother, you found you a wife and you is married now. Have a happy anniversary and I wish for you both many more great experiences, years of happiness and four boi pickney.