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Trendy Coats makes a trendy you.


One of the many things that I love about the winter is not so much the snow anymore, but one essential piece of outerwear. This is the winter coat – and pardons me if you think I am talking about the basic black topcoat. Instead, I am talking about the ones that are assertive and attention-grabbing. The ones that you can find at any mall store but is still rooted in a classic place.  Trust me, your hippy granddad and eccentric relative will approve every time they see you during the winter season. How do I know? Mine approved!


How do you wear it?

Let the base layers be simple and let the coat do the talking. I suspect most of you will dig the impact on that kind of approach too.  Notwithstanding, what you wear under the coat is ultimately up to you.  Whether it be an ugly sweater or cashmere T-shirts with grey jeans, go for it! After all, the coat can hang with anything and anyone.


<—- Check out my take wearing two of my favorite winter coats.